A New Approach to Scripture Study

Last year I found these cool Books of Mormon that were organized by event* and I bought them for my kids to study because I felt like they broke up the Book of Mormon into manageable chunks and because the sections were organized by event, it made it a little easier for them to understand what was going on.

Well, it turns out I really wanted one but I didn’t want to admit it, and when my son decided not to use his, I snagged it and have been studying it ever since and I love it!

I love how the organizers/authors made it really easy to see who was talking (super helpful when you hit Isaiah), gave me plenty of room to write notes in the margins, used everyday paper so I didn’t feel guilty about circling, highlighting, marking, etc, and broke it into headings that give you some context before you start reading. It was only $13 or $14 and I have felt it’s been a great investment for me. The only other thing I felt like I wanted was a schedule because I can take a really long time going through the book or I can find myself leaving the Book of Mormon and reading other scriptures (lately it’s been The New Testament) which, I know, isn’t that bad, but I want to be consistently reading The Book of Mormon because I gain so much value from reading it every day. In order to feel like I was making progress (and truthfully because I think coloring is fun) I printed one of these:

But I wasn’t studying regularly and the format of the book made it difficult for me to fill in the different sections because of the way it’s organized by event. I would read half a section and not be able to color in a piece of my chart until the next day, which truthfully bummed me out more than it should have. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart and I like to see my progress and fill in my charts.

I decided I was taking way too long (as you can see from the photo above, I started reading the BOM on February 27, 2019 and I’m still in Second Nephi 12) so then I printed one of these because it has a timeframe attached:

But… I was still running into the same issue, I can’t fill in the bubbles until I’ve moved through the event. 🙁 . So….dut…dut…dut…duh….I would like to present something to solve the problem…

My own version of fill in the bubble (I used hearts because I LOVE to read the Book of Mormon-get it?) that works with the events, instead of the chapters, and guess what???!!! If I read more than one section, I can color in more than one heart in a day! Hooray!

This is an example- The free download is below.

Just in case you’re like me, you can download the PDF for free and enjoy coloring in the hearts and seeing your progress and growing your testimony and writing notes in your book and highlighting your favorite passages. Hooray! I hope you enjoy!



*The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ – A New Approach to Studying, Organized by events, emphasizing narrators, Speakers, Locations, Dates, and Quoted Passages by Lynn A. Rosenvall and David A. Rosenvall copyright 2018

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