You must be here to get to know me a little bit more.

Well, where do I begin? I am Andrea (pronounced And-“ray”-uh) and I live with my husband Jeremy, our three children, Orion, Phoenix, and Aeris, our two adopted foster kitties, Cupcake and Butter (their delectable names came from their previous owners), and our one-year-old teddy bear escape artist hamster, Wicket.

I feel very blessed to have the ability and capacity to learn and grow each day and love to grow my understanding in many different areas. I love to read. Non fiction books are my favorite because I love to absorb new information and try to apply it. Right now, I’m into books about health and nutrition. I love to cook and try healthy new recipes and new foods. I love to play with what I have, so I attempt to have a lot of fun with my food in terms of color, cuisine, flavor, look, etc…

I love to create new things and improve on things that already exist. Whether they be cooking, sewing, painting, web design, course creation, home improvements, working in the garden, or anything else the Lord leads me to do.

I also love to spend time with my family. My husband and I enjoy running our household and love spending time together. Many hours of work and play are part of our week. One of our favorite date night activities is to play cooperative board games together. We’ve spent countless hours working together to complete dangerous missions as heroes, investigators, scientists, and spies. The time flies as we try to solve puzzles and conquer evil.

We love to spend time with our kids too, when they make time for us (ages 12, 15, and 18). We’ve raised independent children and we get the privilege of hanging out with them sometimes. 😉

I’m always trying to improve one aspect of my life or another. I feel a great responsibility to live each day fully and to share what I know, so I’m intrigued by new ideas, people, and things. I’m immediately drawn to anything that has the potential to teach me a new skill, hobby, talent, technique.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and love living each day for the Lord. I do my best to follow the Spirit and to help where I’m needed. I love life and the little things that make life so beautiful.

I’m thrilled to run this website and my course, “Developing a Christ-Centered Life.” I do my best to serve those within my reach.