“He reaches my reaching”*

I’ve been thinking a lot about belief as I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon recently. I’ve noticed the stark contrast in results between those who believe and those who dwindle in unbelief. I understand that faith is a gift of the Spirit and belief precedes faith. I wonder what causes people to disbelieve?

I can see that Satan is at the heart of disbelief because as people dwindle in unbelief, they lose their hope and joy and become miserable. The light in their Spirit dims. I have also seen in my own life that a desire to believe is enough to create momentum to believe which is enough to generate hope that belief in something is believing in, thus giving place for belief.

In the scriptures, those who believe see miracles, those who don’t, don’t. Those who believe, prosper in every aspect of their lives, those who don’t, don’t. Those who believe have meaningful relationships, especially with God, those who don’t, don’t. It seems to me that belief is vital to living a fulfilling, happy life, a life of growth and beauty and gratitude.

I pray that we always believe and lead our lives with our belief in the Savior Jesus Christ’s power to overcome all things. If we do begin to doubt, we can pray for help to see what has already come about by belief and hold to that.

*Where can I turn for Peace? Emma Lou Thayne, Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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