Fall Semester Starting Soon

You know, I am really a big nerd at heart. I love to learn and I’m guessing, if you’re here too, so do you.

I am starting a fall “semester” on September 30 for those interested in going through part 1 of my course, “Developing a Christ Centered Life.” Part One is called, Managing Your Inner World and it’s all about strengthening your relationship with yourself and Jesus Christ which spreads from there into all relationships. Relationships with your spouse, your kids, the stuff you manage in your life, your friends, and especially the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father. If you’ve wanted to be nicer, this course will help you learn how to do it by relying on the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The class teaches you how to align yourself spiritually so you can see things through the right lenses.

It’s going to kickoff with a live call Thursday, September 26 at 8pm MST and then we’ll start class on Monday, the 30th. I’ve created a schedule for us to follow that will carry us through to the end of the year. Ok, so, maybe it’s really a fall-winter schedule, but fall has a nicer ring to it.

If you’d like to join the class, there is a three step process (because I’m a beginner when it comes to technology and I don’t know how to automate things very well) so be patient with me and my three steps.

Don’t worry, the three steps are not hard.

Step One: Enroll in the Course and get the workbook.

Step Two: Enroll in the Fall Class and Kickoff Call

Step Three: Watch your email account for more instructions 🙂

The dividends to this investment will make your head spin. See you in class!

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