What should we do?

by Andrea Bowers

If you can’t see the video I made for you, click here to the actual webpage to see a 1 minute video I recorded about this. 🙂

Hey everyone, I’m thinking about doing a fun seven day challenge and I’d love your input. Respond to this email to let me know which one you’d want to do more.

Each of these challenges would be a small time commitment each day…like 5-10 minutes of introspective time and then looking for ways to implement your ideas throughout the day for seven days.

For example, in a Seven Day service challenge, on one specific day, you’d spend about 5 minutes in the morning with a notebook and a prayer, asking who needs you in their life that day and how you can help them, recording what inspiration you receive. Then you will look at the list, circle the one you think you can accomplish and get to work accomplishing it. You’ll spend 5 minutes in the evening reviewing the list and see how many you actually did (usually more than one). Offer a heartfelt prayer of gratitude that evening for your ability to serve in your own unique way, and get a new assignment the next day that will allow you to serve in a new way.

Challenge Ideas

  1. 7 Day Service Challenge
  2. 7 Day Self-Worth Challenge
  3. 7 Day Personal Revelation Challenge
  4. 7 Day Faith and Testimony Building Challenge
  5. 7 Day Repentance Challenge
  6. 7 Day Love Challenge
  7. 7 Day Worldly Detox Challenge
  8. 7 Day 30 minute scripture study challenge
  9. 7 Day Ministering Challenge
  10. 7 Day Gratitude Challenge
  11. Your best idea….

Ok, Email me back and let me know. Once I have enough responses, I’ll get to work putting it together.

Oh, also, I appreciate you sharing this with your friends and getting their feedback. Just forward them this email and have them vote too! The more the merrier!

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