Who Does She follow?

Written by guest contributor, Melissa Chapman. Read by Andrea Bowers.

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The “follower” obsession…oh how we all know it well. 

If we’re on social media, we can speak the languages given to us by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. The language of likes, subscribers, followers, pins, shares, emojis, and tweets.

If we’re not on social media, we’ve heard the language enough to get the idea, and truthfully we may not want to become fluent in it. 

We’ve been taught about the word, “Follower”.

As with all things there is good and bad in that word.   

My favorite art in our home is of the Savior and is entitled “Come Follow Me”.  It’s beautiful. And truly He wants us to be a “Follower” and to follow Him to our Heavenly Father and our heavenly home.  

Come Follow Me by Liz Lemon Swindle

So, I am often very perplexed by what seems to be the up and coming craze of women following, influencing, wanting to follow, wanting to be followed, all by other women they may not know, really at all. 

Women they might not like if they were to know them in person.  I’ve seen many women, my fellow sisters and saints, become obsessed with what the women of the world have to “offer”. 

Many have begun to put these women on pedestals. These women begin to worship the women on the pedestals by simply thinking, “she’s so put together, I should follow her”, or “she’s living such an amazing life, I should follow her’, or “she’s learned how to get it all, I should follow her”.  

Never completely understanding that the person on the pedestal lives a very real part of their life strategically doing things to get more people to like and follow them. Sure, they’re typically trying to help people, and that help is real and valid, it’s just that they’re also trying to get you to follow them. To be a “follower” of them. To put them in the center.  Whatever it is; it’s there and it’s real. The craze and craving of “Following”. 

As I have found myself in this confusion and loud clamour for my attention I’ve thought, “Is this who I am?”, “Do I want to be one of these women?”, “Does it matter if I get invited to be a part of the women’s circle or if I’m in this group or that group?”, “Is she authentic or is that a show for the camera?” on and on the questions run through my head….then I hear a quiet voice telling me “See…he’s GOTCHA”. 

My concern is that even the truest disciples of Christ who want to follow Him are becoming ensnared by the trap of worshipping false idols and gods.. AKA “women who I need to be more like and accepted by”. 

If the women you follow aren’t leading you closer to the good shepherd, then you may not want to be following where they lead. There is such danger in this path.  

Sister Eubank taught in a recent women’s conference talk* that our faith and Church is so dependent on our Sisters.  Yet, I’ve seen that even in our best efforts we may be only turning against each other, increasing competition, challenging each other’s love and trust through deceitful tactics.  

If I had one wish it would be for women (Sisters) to turn to Him, turn to each other through Him, and seek to all come and follow Him together on one agenda-one path and that is to walk each other home.  If my wish came true, it would be evident in true Sisterhood, authentic relationships, sincere interest in each other’s successes and the most loving support in the darkest of times.  

Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

*Turn on Your Light by Sharon Eubank

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